Windy Shadows: Chapter 1

September 24, 2009

Chapter 1

Puffers seemed like just another house cat, sleeping, eating and getting yelled at by the Wennington family (even when she did nothing wrong). To others, she mostly just lolled in her cozy pillow pile all day. But when no one was looking, Puffers would climb up the wall to the second floor. Jackson, Lucy, Bob and Jane Wennington were rich and lazy and only had an elevator, no stairs. Puffers could rarely reach the elevator button. Lucy, their 12 year old daughter, had a room full of useless jewelery. Her twin brother Jackson collected tons of expensive action figures. What a waste, thought Puffers, they could’ve spent their money on much better things. They could’ve even donated it! Just then, Peter the dog came up to her and growled in a voice that only animals can understand, “You’d better not be saying anything bad about my family. YOU don’t belong here. If you keep this up, I’ll throw you out the window!” Puffers only smiled and thought, Man, would that be nice. No more growling Peter, no screaming Lucy, no bossy Jackson.. I could go on and on. Peter growled again. He knew Puffers was thinking ‘bad things about his family’ again. He gave a look that said ‘get out.’ Puffers just kept smiling.

Oh, just you wait and see. I’ll be gone before you know it!” she laughed. Peter just kept growling. Just then, they heard Lucy and Jackson yelling at each other and Jane pulling out the house key. They heard the parent’s friend, Mrs. Lee. When the family came home with a guest was just about the only time Puffers and Peter agreed with each other. “Quick! Act like you’re happy to see Mrs. Lee!” said Puffers. Peter sat by the door while she curled up on the armrest of Cindy Lee’s favorite chair and purred. The family came in, acting as if they hadn’t seen their friend in years, even though they just saw her the previous day. Cindy sat down and started rubbing Puffers on the neck. Puffers pretended to be very pleased. “What a nice kitty you have,” sighed Cindy, grinning. I can’t do this anymore, thought Puffers. Surely there’s a way I can escape this horrible life with these humans. She jumped down from the chair, stood by the door, and meowed. “Dad, I think Puffers wants to go out,” Jackson whispered into his father’s ear. “Do it yourself, Jack!” Bob snapped. Jackson went over and opened the door.

Puffers ran out, happy to see the hole Peter dug. It went under the fence – now Puffers wouldn’t have to climb. The crisp wind blew in her long whiskers – The feel of the wild. Suddenly, she heard a voice say, “That’s quite a shadow you’ve got there. It’d impress some humans – maybe you’d be a good housepet.” “What do you mean, ‘good housepet’? I guess you didn’t notice the collar?” she replied, frightened. Then she saw it – a black she-cat with beautiful amber eyes. Who was this beautiful she-cat? Then another cat came out of the bushes – this time an orange tabby tom with large green-gray eyes. “Wh-who are you?” Puffers said nervously. The orange tom glared at her with a look of battle. “We have no names, but we came to fight you,” he hissed. Puffers was worried. Who on earth were these stray cats, and what did they want? Should I stay, or should I go? she wondered. It’d be bad if they thought I was weak, but I don’t want to get hurt on my first journey onto the streets… Puffers decided she was ready for a real cat fight. She shot out her claws and scratched the tom hard. Puffers bit down on his neck, when he jumped up and yowled, “Rrrrrr-aggghhhh!!!” The black she-cat stood on Puffers’ family’s fence post, watching very closely. “Merrrrrr-agh!” “Yaaaaaggggghhhh!” Noises of angry cats all came from a small garden with even smaller furballs. The tom was a bit bigger than Puffers. He threw her into the flower bushes and hissed, “You’ll never make it, fluffypoof. Never!!!!!” “My name is Puffers, not Fluffypoof! You’re the one who won’t make it, zebraface.” hissed Puffers. The tabby tom was taken aback. “Zebraface. Zebraface. You’ve got stripes too, you know.” Puffers glanced at the stripes on her back, tail, and legs. She crouched down and swayed her haunches. She heard Lucy in the window: “Puffers, no!” She didn’t listen.


Tigerslash Chat!

September 18, 2009

Congratulations to Tigerslash!  From today he is a member of Shallowtribe.  Below, in the comments, you shall CHAT! Yes, chat, you read that right.  How, you ask?  You post your comment, then reload the page. It’s not the greatest way, but we haven’t got chat boxes here.

I spoke with Tigerslash last night, and he seemed like he’ll be a fine Lookout.  And guess what else?  HE FOUND JEWELCLOUD!  Here is the Shallowtribe Newsletter that Raylight sent out:

Hello fellow Shallowtribe members,

Limetail is very sad right now – her 4-year-old white kitten seems to possibly be lost.  Jewelcloud went off with Rainfur and Cougarsight to help them hunt this morning.  The younger kits came back with tales of Cougarsight almost getting himself killed.  “Where is Jewelcloud?  She was with you this morning,” I said to them.  Neither of them knew.  They said she went down to the Specklepaw Stream to get a drink and she never came back.  We will have a search party go out tomorrow.  Our search party will include Limetail, Raylight, Laceheart, and Smallpelt.


We looked all along the Specklepaw Stream, but Jewelie was nowhere to be found.  We searched the forest, calling her name, but she didn’t come.  Then last night, Tigerslash brought back the white kitten.  He said he found her by the stream.

This comment chat will only be held today, 9-18-2009.  Please do not post anything related to that afterward.

Posted by Limetail

Let’s give a round of applause to Happymom, who has successfully created Tigerslash’s page.  Tigerslash will soon be Shallowtribe’s  first Lookout.  The Lookout watches for BT(t) and WT members, suspicious housepets, and other non-ST cats. His NMC will be on 9-18-2009.  Here’s what Happymom said:

Name:  Tigerslash

Gender:  Male

Age: 6

Birthdate: 4-4-03

Markings:  Orange tabby with black stripes

Rank: Lookout

Runaway story:  Garfield was born into a really nice home in the suburbs of Florida. The Haley family was very nice, but Garfield wanted out.   He had everything you would think a cat would want – especially lots of food and toys.  The one thing he really wanted though is freedom to go wherever he wanted, whenever he wanted.  Garfield also wanted true companions to have adventures with.  One day, he decided to make a run for it when a family member opened the door.  He was so excited to be free.  He did realize though that living on his own was no fun.  He was always looking for food and he was also a bit scared all by himself.  Garfield didn’t want to go back home though.  He then met Raylight and learned all about Shallowtribe.  Garfield was amazed and changed his name to Tigerslash.

Name story:  Tigerslash got his name because he is an orange tabby that looks very much like a tiger.  Also, he has powerful paws that can slash through jungles, bushes and logs.

Your nickname/WordPress user name:  Happymom

His NMC will be held in a post – discuss in comments.

Posted by Raylight

New Member Ceremony Song

September 9, 2009

Hi!  I’m Camelliawar, Whispertribe’s artist.  Here I’ve got the lyrics to the song our Kittens sing during the new member ceremony.  I’m using Bittyheart’s song.  Just change the parts with names, and wa-la!

Chammy, Chammy, we love you so,

C’mon, c’mon, let’s go go,

Chammy, Chammy, we love you so,

Let’s go to Whispertribe, c’mon, let’s go.

I know you’re not the only one,

That will always bring lots of fun,

But the skies will be blue

And jolly with you

Oh Chammy, we love you so.

Whether you were a stray like Cap,

In the streets, you took your nap,

Or you escaped,

Like good ol’ Puffers,

I don’t care where you came from

But your time has come.

Oh Chammy, shall we say,

Today may be your greatest day,

Because, only today,

You become part of Whispertribe,

With a lovely name of..


Posted by Camelliawar

Hello! I’m Burclaw, a soon-to-be-member of Whispertribe of Whispers of the Whiskers. This is where we’ll post all kinds of stuff from Whispertribe, Shallowtribe, Battletribe, and more. Whispertribe’s founders were Windshadow and Bushytail. We’ll post full bios later, but here’s a quick overview of WT’s current members:

Windshadow – female, 12 yrs old, Dominant Female

Bushytail – male, 8 yrs old, Dominant Male

Lovepaw – male, 3 yrs old, Kitten

Petalheart – female, 3 yrs old, Kitten

Grayfur – male, 3 yrs old, Kitten

Flamefur – male, 6 yrs old, DF (Dominant Female) Assistant

Shypaw – male, 5 yrs old, DM (Dominant Male) Assistant

Posted by Burclaw